Skills Practice

We all remember back when we took our Open Water or Advanced Open Water courses, there were lots of skills we had to learn from mask clearing to out of air simulations.
Most of us probably can’t remember what they all were let alone how to perform them all safely and efficiently.

Open Water skills:

    • Clear snorkel on ascent
    • Regulator to snorkel exchange
    • Recover regulator from behind shoulder
    • Clear a partially flooded mark
    • Clear a fully flooded mask
    • Remove mask completely and breath from regulator
    • Remove mask and swim
    • Breath from a free flowing regulator
    • Remove and replace scuba gear
    • Disconnect and reconnect LPI
    • Remove and replace weights
    • Remove and replace weights at surface and at depth
    • Emergency weight drop at surface
    • Cramp release on buddy and on yourself at surface and at depth
    • BCD oral inflation at surface and at depth
    • Out of air exercises: Use alternate air source
    • Out of air exercises: Provide alternate air source
    • Out of air exercises: Buddy breathing while swimming
    • Practise a controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA)
    • Tired diver tow
    • Remove weights, scuba unit and fins in water
Did you remember all of those? Could you do them all? When it comes to dive skills we always say practice makes perfect!

More skills from other PADI courses:

    • Deploy an SMB
    • Navigate using a compass
So why not make use of our Thursday pool nights to practice your long lost skills so that if you ever have to use them, you will know exactly what to do.

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