Improve your skillsYou’ve completed your Open Water course, what do you do now? There are a selection of courses available to take your diving experience and skill to the next level.

Advanced Open Water Diver

This course will allow students to extend their skills from the Open Water course. Whether it’s extending your depth limit to 30 metres, on the deep section of the course, or improving your ability to navigate with use of a compass and natural navigation. This course will give students further qualification dives under our extremely experienced Instructors

Emergency First Response

This extremely rewarding course will teach you EFR techniques should you ever find yourself in the position to help someone who has been injured in someway. The skills gained will give you confidence through your training to step in and help, and reassure the injured person. The course will also give divers a greater understanding of diving related injuries and methods of primary and secondary treatment.

Rescue Diver

This course will teach you with confidence to prevent potential problems and undertake “in and out” of water rescue techniques. It will also encourage you to practice with your buddy or Scuba-tec club member’s problem solving giving you the confidence to use your new skills as a diver.

Master Scuba Diver

This is the celebrated highest qualification within the PADI recreational diver-training program. As a Master Scuba Diver you are able to demonstrate that you have undergone significant training and spent time under the water.

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