Great diving experience

I would like to say thank you to everyone at Scuba Tec for giving me and Richard such a great diving experience. I have both really enjoyed it and it surpassed our expectations of the session.
Some serious and honest feedback – the session was conducted in a very professional manner. Dan is very knowledgeable and it was clear to see his enthusiasm for this discipline. Both Dan and Martin made me feel at ease whilst in the water with their relax manner, and I was given time to compose myself before attempting activities that I did not feel comfortable with. it might be a small thing, but it was important for me as I am not as brave as Richard. The guys gave us a good understanding of risks involved, and their meticulous approach to preparation and safety gave us a lot of confidence. Again, thank you for this great experience. Please pass my thanks to Martin and Dan.


Steve and Martin are amazing and really knowledgeable instructors

Learned my open water and dry suit course with scuba-tec , Steve and Martin are amazing and really knowledgeable instructors let me work at my own pace with great support, facility’s and equipment provided was great, the open water dives was conducted at Stoney Cove although visibility was approx 2m still enjoyed it to the maximum and would love to go back when the vis is better.

Big shout out the Dan the DMC fantastic dive buddy during the open water dives and have learned a lot from you as well. Good luck in the future.

One thing to understand about scuba-tec is your not just a paying student, you actively become part of a great group and meet new people and have opportunities to do more courses or better experiences/knowledge with other dives they arrange.

Cheers for your hard work, look forward the future ventures with your selfs.

Matt Lee

A very friendly welcoming bunch

The guys at scuba-tec are a very friendly welcoming bunch with years of knowledge and experience between them, as a complete novice I feel more than confident that when I finish my open water course I’ll be fully equipped to explore the under water world safely and competently. The guys are always planning fresh activities and excursions I’d recommend them to anyone new to diving.

Phil Perry

The instructors are very experienced and good teachers

Passed my open water course with Scuba tec had an absolutely amazing time at Stoney cove for my exam. My favourite part about the course was how supportive and helpful the instructors were, you learn in small groups at your own pace. The instructors are very experienced and good teachers, I felt safe with them when doing my dives. Everyone is friendly at the club and go diving regularly. I would recommend Scuba-tec most definitely!

Nicole Lydia Hunt

Incredible support and expert guidance

Incredible support and expert guidance from two wonderful guys. I couldn’t be more impressed by their approach and look forward to many more courses with Martin & Steve.

Zoe Brellis Breakwell

So welcoming

I actually did my open water training with another company, but my boyfriend trained with Scuba-tec. They are all so welcoming and let me come along to pool sessions/ open water dives, and helped me out a lot getting more comfortable in the water. When I decide to do further courses I will 100% be doing them with these guys!

Jade Wood

The instructors are absolutely incredible

I did the Open water course so I could dive with my partner, I was very nervous at first and had a fear of fish! The instructors are absolutely incredible, they helped me over come my fear and made the course fun! Now I love diving and myself and my partner can’t get enough, we plan on doing many more courses with Scuba-tec!

Ria Johnson

I couldn’t recommend them more

I started out diving with a larger dive school in the West Midlands which is where I met Steve and Martin. When the dive school closed down and the guys announced that they would be opening Scuba-tec, I was so relieved knowing that I would be able to continue my scuba training with a quality company. However, I don’t particularly like to use the word “company”… they are simply two very experienced dive instructors who are great friends, love to dive and love to teach. They are extremely patient, very knowledgeable and their training is 100% detailed and thorough. And the best part is, they never miss an opportunity to have a laugh and joke. I moved to Australia recently and in the short time that I came back to visit home, I made sure to book in for my rescue course with these guys. It was by far the most fun course I have taken. And ultimately, I chose to take the course with them because I completely trust these guys to teach me thoroughly with care and passion. Since then, I’ve used various different dive schools whilst travelling, but none of them compare to Scuba-tec. If you want a safe, enjoyable, comfortable and top quality dive experience – to learn or just for fun – I couldn’t recommend them more.

Katy Durn

Excellent and very knowledgeable

I did my scuba review with scuba-tec. Who were excellent and very knowledgeable, I have since been diving alongside scuba-tec team and even though I have not been on a course with them they have always helped and supported me in my dives.

Clint Marney

My thanks

My thanks Steve and Martin…  I never offer recommendations in anything that didn’t deliver. You guys have a “passion” for what you do and that makes the difference. You’re a credit to PADI and to the tuition of this recreational sport….

Eddie Leligdowicz

Top class tuition

Top class tuition, all of the instructors are knowledgeable and patient!
Can’t wait to dive with them in the future!
Highly recommended

Chris Breen

Excellent instructors

Just done my Scuba review with Scuba-Tec so now I can get back in the water ready for my holiday! Excellent instructors and very friendly!

Daniel Oxborrow